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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just in time for Halloween

I wanted to see what I could do with the 12" x 24" cutting mat & paper so I decided to create a 3D pumpkin in Design Studio. I did two mock ups before I refined the design and this is the result. This is my second DS project and I am even more excited about the possibilities of my Cricut. When finished the body of the pumpkin measures 7" ht, 7" d.
File available for 45 days only

A few tips if you want to try to make this pumpkin.
1. Heavy weight cardstock works best
* I had the best results using the Cricut 12" x 24" brand paper
2. Use a repositionable tape/glue to put together.
* I use ATG tape
3. Make a small rectangle of cardstock from your scraps (approx.
1" x 2 1/4") to attach the ends together. Overlap slightly so it
matches the design of each section.
4. Use a bone folder to score the cardstock (on the 'good' side)
where the sections connect and carefully fold. DO NOT use bone
folder to fold since it will leave a shiny mark on the paper. It seems to look better without a severe fold.
5. Attach the final two sections together first, then attach that piece
to the rest of the pumpkin (see photo)
6. Place a circle on the inside and outside of the top and bottom to cover the connections.
7. Irregularily score & fold the stem piece & lightly score half length between folds. Once you are
happy with the shape of your stem I found using hot glue was the best way to make sure it held
together as you manipulated the stem. Trim as needed. The base
of the stem is made by cutting flaps and folding them in on each
other. This way you can determine the length of the stem.

NOTE: I included a cut out circle support in case you wish to have the top of the pumkin open.

Okay! I think that is all....many of these suggestions may be obvious. No disrepect intended, I just want to be helpful.


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