It is my hope that I can help to inspire your creativity and encourage your to try something new. I am always searching for new ways to express my creativity and imagination. Cards, invitations and 3D objects tend to be my focus, however I dabble in other media including acrylics, watercolours, sewing, custom picture framing and jewelry making to name a few.

If you have an idea of request for a .cut file in an unconventional way I would love to hear all about it! Constructive feedback is always appreciated.

On occasion I will offer Cricut Design Studio .cut files for free download. Please note that all files are my personal property and may not be used for retail or resale purposes. My files are being shared only for your personal use. You may not acquire my files for financial gain.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cutting Stamps....just like butter!

I took the plunge and finally cut into that pristine piece of silicone that was in my Cricut Stamp Kit. After a few small circle test cuts I discovered that I had to use the Deep Cut Blade at 6, Speed at 3, and Pressure at 4, which is not the settings recommended on the back of the packaging. No big deal, I always have 'cut' to my own drummer!

My first stamp cutting project focused on heart shapes and the phrase "Save The Date". I used Design Studio to make the most of the 6" x 6" stamping sheet and it allowed me to cut many more shpaes than if I had cut directly from my Cricut. When I placed the stamping sheet on my new mat I found that it was shifting because the adhesive was not strong enough to hold it in place. I ended up putting ATG tape on the back side of the stamping sheet and then placing it on my mat. It stayed put and I was able to cut everything successfully.

Here are photos of the stamps that I have cut thus far.

I have used the stamps to create my own heart patterned vellum that I will use to create folders that will hold the Save The Date Magnet with the couple's photo. (Photo of the magnet will come soon.) I am able to cut four folders per 12" x 12" sheet and I fit in as many small hearts from the negative to make our own table confetti. The folder is held together by two hearts that side into each other.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's been too long!

It seems like it was only a couple weeks ago that I finished my week long marathon of Christmas card making, but as I glance at the calendar I discover that it is nearly time to start my seeds for the garden.  Right now I am working on projects for a summer wedding...not mine.  I have the task of making the save the date and the wedding invitations for a very close family friend, Cindy, and her fiance Bill.  Their wedding is at the end of July, outside, surrounded by forest, on Bill's parent's acerage.  It will be a very casual wedding.The colours, orange, pink and yellow, reflect the fun and relaxed atmosphere that perfectly describe the couple and how they want the wedding to feel. 

The Save the Date will be a magnet with the couple's photo placed inside of a vellum folder and attached to a postcard type card then placed in an envelope for mailing.  My Cricut has cut all of the magnets, all the strips, hearts and vellum folders.  I have also cut all of the stamps used for this project with my very first Cricut stamp kit and the postcard will be embossed using the new Cricut embossing folders.  I am in the middle of assembly line mode, but as soon as I have one entirely done I will post a picture.  You will have to rely on your imagination for a a few more days....so I hope I at least described them adequately....giggle, giggle.

The wedding invitation will rely heavily on my Cricut too....but I have to keep some secrets for now.  What I will say is they will be original, colourful, fun, detailed, and very custom!  I am not using one thing that is pre-made or 'ready to use'.  I promise to share when they are completed.

Back to work!